Bridge of Dragons (1999)

Posted in Reviews by - May 02, 2016
Bridge of Dragons (1999)

Here’s some wham-bam gung-ho violence before bedtime starring two of the genre’s most high-calibre performers. Ex-Power Rangers director Isaac Florentine assembles the snarling villainy of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and the beefy heroics of Dolph Lundgren for this retarded B-movie. This has the lot: a damsel-in-distress, reactionary close-ups, trashy dialogue, and lashings of slow motion. The premise is puzzling: a futuristic tale in period costume. But here are the key points: Lundgren plays a US soldier who falls for Valerie Chow, a dishy kung fu princess who is arranged to be married to Tagawa, a sadistic general on a quest to be king. So it’s a bit like Shrek, only less believable.

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